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Country Butler – Lodging & Reservations Rental Policies

COUNTRY BUTLER, LLC works hard to ensure everything in your vacation property works properly, that it is clean upon your arrival, and that you have everything you need. We want to make sure that you have the best vacation experience possible; be sure to let us know if we can help with anything!

Basic Guest Information

Preparing for Your Vacation: What to Bring

Guest House

All Guest Houses have a basic startup of supplies. (TP, PT, Soaps, Shampoo, coffee, water). For longer stays you will need to bring additional, paper and kitchen products (toilet paper, paper towels, coffee filters, plastic wrap, aluminum foil, trash bags), cleaning supplies (dishwasher soap, dish-washing liquid, laundry detergent), non-perishable food items (condiments, sugar, spices), personal hygiene supplies (soap, shampoo, etc.) You can bring your own groceries, or we can provide you a grocery shopping service. Our goal is not to disturb you during your visit.

At any property, special room and make-up service can be provide when ordered in advance for an additional fee. All units are rented on the basis that the room/house will have a total refresh on the 4th day, when you are on an extended stay. Day to day in-between we do not disturb you or enter the property other than for maintenance issues.

Additional Equipment

Items like high chairs, cribs, and rollaway beds are not provided. Feel free to bring high chairs or cribs only.

Telephones, Faxes, Internet Access & Mail
FedEx or UPS Packages

Country Butler Lodging & Reservations
Fayetteville, TX 78940

U.S. Mail

Country Butler Lodging & Reservations
208 W. Fayette St.
PO BOX 101 Fayetteville, TX 78940

Retrieving Mail, Packages
Call 979-476-2757 to arrange for delivery to your guest house or for pick up.

Book Online

Browse our website,, at any time of the day, on any day of the week, and view photographs, rates, availability, and maps. Then book & pay for your reservation online.

Book by Phone

Call 979-476-2757, and a rental agent will assist you.

Book in Person

Showings are by appointment only.


  1. Reserve your house/room online, or on the phone.
  2. Pay Deposit or full payment, depending on situation online or via phone.
  3. Receive Confirmation via email.
  4. Receive Key-entry information once balance is paid in full.

The guest is responsible for payment, deposits, property damages and all responsibilities spelled out herein and in the rental policies. The guest’s primary residence address and email address will be used for all notices and correspondence. Please be sure to read your confirmation very carefully.

Only the guest is allowed to check in and receive keys or key pad entry code.

A refundable, cash security deposit may be required on certain properties.

Once you have entered into a confirmed reservation to rent a property, you are binding yourself to that property for that time. There should be no expectation of compensation or relocation because you don't like the property or because something in the property isn't working to your satisfaction.

Unlike a hotel, we cannot relocate you because it is almost impossible to find one just like it in our inventory of lodging facilities. As previously stated, we will make every effort to correct any malfunctions or problems encountered, but no refunds should be expected. If we don't know about it, we can't fix it.

Country Butler, LLC reserves the right to cancel a confirmed reservation (with good reason) at any time prior to the Guest’s taking occupancy of the property. In the event this should occur, Country Butler, LLC will refund all monies on account.

Country Butler Texas, LLC, Country Butler Lodging & Reservations, is an exclusive reservation service where every guest reservation is both important and special to us. An advanced payment of 50% is charged upon reservation for each room or house you reserve.

  • The Deposit is Non-Refundable
  • Single Night stays, when available, will be billed out 100% at time of reservation. On certain properties there will be a cleaning fee for single night stays.
  • Balances due on reservations made for Non-Special Event nights will be billed to your credit card 14 days before your first arrival day.
  • Once that final payment is made 14 days out, it is Non-Refundable.
  • Balances due on reservations made for SPECIAL-Event nights will be billed to your credit card 30 days before your first arrival day.
  • Once that final payment is made 30 days out, it is Non-Refundable.
  • Any reservations made within the 14 or 30 days of arrival window will be paid in full at time of reservation. This may show up on your statement as 2 charges.
  • Any refund will be charged a $50.00 refund fee + taxes

In all cases, any charges to your credit card, you are sent a confirmation and a receipt via email.

In the unlikely event that you must shorten your stay and leave early, the balance of your reservation is Non-Refundable.

Rates/policies are subject to change and vary during high impact periods and special requests like Antique Shows, Bike Rides, Town Events.


Extra guests beyond 2 that are included with your stay, are $35.00 to $50.00 each + hotel Tax. If you know the number of guests at the time of making your reservations, that needs to be included in the reservation/payment. If you show up with extra guests, the additional fee will be billed to your credit card for the extra guests.

Check-in: 4:00 PM - or after. If arriving outside of check-in times, please call to make arrangements.

Check-out: 11:00 AM.

Country Butler Lodging & Reservations will not issue refunds in part or in full for inclement weather.

Peak Season

All reservations require a minimum 2-night stay: Peak Periods apply to some properties- Pricing noted for each property on the Website

  • Antique Weeks
  • Labor Day:
  • Thanksgiving:
  • Christmas
  • New Years
  • Lickskillet
  • MS150

View specific holiday rates for each property at

The Country Butler Lodging & Reservations office is closed, and assisted arrivals are not available, on Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day.

With the exception of holidays and peak season rentals, guests may arrive on any day.

Check-in depending on the location of the house, between 4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. Please plan to arrive by then to ensure a smooth check-in.

Check with our office to see if an early check-in is possible. The office closes at 5:00 p.m

Sometimes, it may be necessary to delay check-in beyond 4:00 p.m., but that is extremely rare.

If a property becomes ready for early check-in, COUNTRY BUTLER will contact you via cell phone. Under no circumstances should guests go directly to, or enter their vacation property before their check in time.


Most properties use a Electronic Key Pad coding system. Keys are controlled via a lock box system at the property. Please be sure to return keys to where you got them at check-out to avoid a $25.00 lost-key charge. We don’t want your money; we need to maintain key control.

When You Arrive At Your Home

Please walk through your vacation home and check thoroughly to make sure it has been cleaned to your satisfaction and everything is in working order (appliances, doors/windows, etc.) If you determine there is an issue, it is imperative that you call our office immediately so we can take care of it for you. If we don't know about it, we can't fix it.

Please note: There is a $50 fee for late arrivals when you need help, payable in cash to the Rental Agent at check-in if you require us to meet you at the property.

Owner Closets Garages

Most homes have locked owner’s closets or cupboards for the owners’ personal items. Also, garages are locked and are not available for guest use. Please respect these areas and do not attempt to open them.

Air Conditioners

Please be conservative when using the air conditioner. Keep the thermostat at auto 70-75 degrees and keep windows and doors closed.


Fireworks are not permitted on the property, including decks, walkways, driveways, yards and open fields. ALL fireworks are prohibited.

Grilling (if available)

City/County ordinance prohibits using grills on decks or porches; it is a fire hazard. Grilling is permitted on the ground level, on concrete surfaces. Please be sure you clean the grill and dispose of the ashes before you leave so the next guest finds it ready for use.

Lost & Found

COUNTRY BUTLER, LLC is not responsible for items left behind in properties. Every attempt will be made to locate lost items, but there is no guarantee that they will be found. Please check your property carefully before leaving.

Retrieved items must be picked up at the office within 10 days. After 10 days, the items are donated to charity. Shipping can be arranged at your expense.


COUNTRY BUTLER’S goal is to provide you with clean accommodations and we work hard to make sure that your house is ready for your stay. Upon check-in, please call the office immediately if the house is not cleaned to your satisfaction. Our housekeeping department will correct the problem in a timely and professional manner. COUNTRY BUTLER cannot be held accountable for problems we are not aware of. Housekeeping or maintenance problems will not be addressed at check-out or after you return home.

Towels $ Linens

Please do not use towels to clean cars, tools, bicycles, motorcycles or anything that will ruin the materials. If there is damage that is beyond repair, you are authorizing us to go ahead and charge your credit card on file with the cost and time to replace any items that are damaged. MEDICAL AND HAZARDOUS ISSUES. If you have a situation where the linens, bedding, towels, or furniture are damaged or rendered a MEDICAL HAZARDOUS ISSUE, those items will be disposed of and you will be charged for the replacement items. We do not clean or deal with HAZARDOUS ISSUES. It is a safety and health issue to our staff and our guests and will be removed and disposed.

Insects & Wildlife

Unfortunately for locals and visitors alike, TEXAS is home to many unwelcome critters, especially during the summer and warmer months. The American Cockroach (fondly referred to as the “Palmetto Bug”), ants, mosquitoes, love bugs, small lizards, mice, raccoons, skunks, cattle, pigs, sheep, deer, goats, donkeys, mules, spiders, horseflies, grasshoppers, crickets are common invaders. Palmetto Bugs live in the trees and ground cover outside but can occasionally find their way inside, particularly older homes. They are just being “social”.

We do our best to keep the pests away - all of our properties are cleaned after every rental and properties receive routine pest control treatments. An occasional roach or line of ants does not mean the property is infested or has been poorly maintained. Some tips: Keep your unit clean. Keep food sealed. All food should be stored in the refrigerator or in sealed packages or containers. Bugs are attracted to food and water, so be sure to clean up all areas where food is prepared and served, clean up spills and crumbs from snack foods immediately and don't leave dirty dishes lying around. Bring your bug repellent.

Please understand you are for the most part in a rural area, and you may occasionally have “uninvited guests.” COUNTRY BUTLER will not relocate guests or issue refunds or discounts due to bug or animal sightings…sorry.

Some properties are very rural. Exercise caution and care when on these properties to protect yourself from fences, cattle guards, open fields have holes, rocks, stumps and pests. Stay clear any farm equipment, machines and animals. Caution around ponds and watering tanks for cattle and other livestock. Insects are part of nature, sometimes they like the house too. We clean and spray all facilities on a regular basis. Seeing these local friends are not a cause for a refund or a reduction in rates. Snakes, wasps, bees, raccoons, wild hogs, deer and many other animals/insects/creatures may be out at anytime, enjoying the same area you are enjoying. Put away and close all food items. Do not feed any of the creatures.

New Construction

COUNTRY BUTLER, LLC cannot predict construction plans in the area. You may reserve a house at a time when there is no construction in progress nearby, but construction could begin prior to your arrival. We regret any inconvenience that may result, but have no control over these situations and are not able to facilitate relocations or refunds.

Trains and the Railroad

Fayetteville and many of the surrounding communities where developed when the Railroad came though the areas back in the 1800s. The Railroad is still here. Some properties have rail going through the town, some adjacent to the property. This is the way it "use to be" and the way it "still is" today. Enjoy the history. It is an important part of the development of these communities. The train schedules are non-existent and sporadic.

Check-out time is 11:00 a.m. NO EXCEPTIONS! Leave the keys on the night stand in your room or return them to the lock box! Don’t forget to make your reservation for next year - properties are available for advance reservations to departing guests first. Advance reservations may be made up to one year in advance.

  • Straighten and return all furniture to its original configuration.
  • Leave all linens and towels in the home, and all beds unmade.
  • Clean and put away all dishes, including those in the dishwasher.
  • Clean all food out of the refrigerator and cabinets.
  • Place all trash in secured trash bags and leave in the outdoor trash cans.
  • Leave the refrigerator and freezer settings on medium.
  • Unplug all small appliances such as coffee pot, etc.
  • Turn off all inside and outside lights.
  • Make sure all doors and windows are locked and secure.
  • Return keys to night stand, kitchen table or return to lock box.
  • Notify Country Butler of any damage or maintenance issues.
  • If your home requires extra cleaning because you left it in poor condition, you will be charged an additional cleaning fee.

Country Butler Lodging & Reservations works very hard to maintain a quiet atmosphere for the enjoyment of our at all properties and for their neighbors.

Guests must comply with the policies and all subdivision restrictions. Violation of these policies may result in eviction and forfeiture of all monies and/or additional charges.

Country Butler- Guest Agreement

You agree to all of the policies noted on this website for your visit at our properties.


The maximum number of guests allowed in each property is listed on our website and on your rental confirmation.

If we determined you "loaded" the house with extras, your credit card will be billed accordingly.

Occasions such as parties, weddings, receptions, company gatherings or picnics are not allowed at any of our properties. We do not rent to prom groups, school or graduation groups, fraternities or sororities, or youth groups with or without adult supervision. We rent only to family groups and responsible adults older than 25 years of age; adults cannot rent properties on behalf of underage guests.

Any use of the property for purposes other than family vacations must be addressed with your rental agent when booking the reservation.


All COUNTRY BUTLER, LLC vacation properties are non-smoking. No exceptions. Violation of the smoking policy will result in eviction and forfeiture of all monies. In addition, the guest will be charged a minimum of $300 for the additional cleaning of the property.

Unauthorized Dogs

Guests will be subject to eviction without refund if pets are found at a property that does not allow pets. From time to time, there are pet-friendly properties available for rental; please contact a rental agent for assistance finding a pet friendly home. See Pet Friendly Properties section. Please call for help in making arrangements to board your pet locally. Violations of this policy will result in a $125 pet cleaning charge for any size pet that will be billed to your credit card used to pay for your reservation.

To help preserve the quality of life, Parking is not allowed on lawn areas. Parked cars may not impede emergency vehicle access at any time. Check with your Rental Agent about parking restrictions for your specific vacation property.

RVs and campers are not permitted on the grounds of any property at any time unless special arrangements have been made with us.

Non-compliance with the, rental policies, occupancy rules, subdivision restrictions, or pet restrictions – as well as any illegal activity or conduct creating a nuisance, waste, hazard, or disturbance – are each grounds for immediate eviction without refund.

Country Butler Lodging & Reservations, reserves the right to refuse service to anyone: All rental properties are leased without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, handicap or sexual orientation.

If damage occurs during your stay, be sure to call the office right away so that we can address it for you.

COUNTRY BUTLER has a terrific maintenance staff which is available seven days a week to take care of everything from routine maintenance to plumbing problems. If you need something, please call us immediately.

Every effort is made to keep each property and its equipment in good working order. Please notify our office of any difficulty you encounter during your stay so repairs can be made promptly. We will make every effort to eliminate any problems or have repairs made as soon as possible.

From time to time, it may be necessary for us to enter the vacation home during reasonable hours for any purpose connected with the repair, care or management of the property. If this is necessary during your stay, we will make every effort to notify you in advance so we do not to disrupt your vacation.

Our rental properties are all individually owned and reflect the taste of the owners. They vary in size, décor, and amenities; pictures and floor plans are on our website. Our Rental Agents know each of the properties and will be able to answer questions and assist you in finding the perfect vacation home!

Viewing Rental Properties

For rentals of seven nights or more, we'll be happy to show you up to three properties (per reservation) as long as they are not occupied and a rental agent is available to accompany you. Appointments are required and can be scheduled by calling our office at least 24 hours in advance.

Locations of our properties vary. Our rental agents can answer specific questions regarding views, city sites, or rural locations.

Two small dogs (each under 20 lbs) are allowed.

  • The Texas Cozy House is a pet-friendly property.
  • A $100 non-refundable pet fee will be added to each reservation in a pet friendly property.
  • Repair and/or cleaning fees will be charged if a pet damages or soils a property.

Most of our properties feature standard household items including cable or satellite TV(not all), central air/heat, microwave, coffee maker, toaster, pots and pans, BBQ grills(not all), dishes, utensils and glassware. Ask for detail on your property of interest.

Unique and specific equipment and/or amenities for each property are listed in the individual property descriptions located on our website. Hot tubs, additional TVs, VCRs, DVDs, porch furniture, dock access, recreational games and equipment, and similar items are furnished as a courtesy by the owner and are not guaranteed by Country Butler.

NOTE: Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the property information on our website and brochure; however, it is not guaranteed. It is subject to errors, omissions, change of price, change of property contents and/or features, or withdrawal without notice.


Each property will be supplied with the appropriate amount of sheets and towels based on the property’s occupancy, so everything will be ready for you to kick off your shoes and relax! A bath towel, hand towel and wash cloth will be furnished for each guest. There will also be two kitchen towels and pot holders.

Standard beds will be made up with linens, blankets and bedspreads. Due to insurance regulations, our housekeepers cannot make up bunk beds, sleeper sofas or trundle beds; however, linens will be supplied for each of these beds.

In order to avoid additional charges, please be sure that all linens remain in the property when you leave.


COUNTRY BUTLER, L.L.C., a Texas corporation d/b/a COUNTRY BUTLER LODGING & RESERVATIONS, is acting solely in the capacity as management agent and is not the "Landlord" for purposes of Chapter 92 of the Texas Property Code with respect to the rental of any vacation home. Each rental of a vacation home is at will and on a day-to- day basis, and each Guest agrees that only one days' notice to vacate is required pursuant to Chapter 24 of the Texas Property Code, and that no notice to terminate the Guest's tenancy with respect to any vacation home is required pursuant to Chapter 91 of the Texas Property Code. To the fullest extent allowed by law, each Guest waives any notice or other requirement that a "Landlord" is required to provide to a "Tenant" under Chapter 92 of the Texas Property Code. To be effective, any notice or request for disclosure by the Guest with respect to the rental of the vacation home or otherwise with respect to these matters must be in writing and delivered to COUNTRY BUTLER, LLC at its office address.

The rental of each vacation home is made with no implied warranties of merchantability, habitability, fitness for a particular purpose, or any other kind and each vacation home is rented in its present condition, "as is – with all faults." Subject to the prior provisions in these Rental Policies regarding accidental damage to the house and its contents, Guest shall indemnify, defend, and hold harmless COUNTRY BUTLER, LLC and the owner of the house, their employees, agents, and representatives, and all of their successors and assigns (together, the "covered parties), from and against any and all losses, claims, damages, liabilities, causes of action, costs, and expenses (including reasonable attorneys' fees) for personal injury or property damage arising from or in connection with Guest’s right of access to the house and property, occupation or condition of the house and property, and/or use of the house and property, and regardless of any negligence or strict liability on the part of any of the covered parties and regardless of the form of claim whether at common law, strict liability, negligence, or under any statute or regulation.

COUNTRY BUTLER, LLC does not discriminate with respect to the rental of vacation homes based on race, color, religion, sex, familial status, national origin or disability. These Rental Policies constitute the entire agreement regarding the rental of the vacation home and, unless incorporated herein and therein, there are no other oral representations, warranties, agreements, or promises pertaining to the rental of the vacation home. All these matters shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Texas, and exclusive venue with respect thereto is in the State Courts of Fayette County, Texas.

The terms and provisions of these Rental Policies may be revised and amended at any time, and from time to time, by COUNTRY BUTLER, LLC, and if so revised and amended and furnished to the Guest prior to the Guest's occupancy of the vacation home, they shall for all purposes be considered effective and binding upon the Guest, as so revised and amended. COUNTRY BUTLER, LLC rental policies change from time to time. The most current version is found on our website, COUNTRYBUTLERTEXAS.COM.


Errors & Omissions

Every effort has been made to provide accurate and complete information in both our printed material and on our website; however, COUNTRY BUTLER, LLC is not responsible for printing errors, omissions, equipment failure, changes in amenities or furnishings made by homeowners, or changes in views, neighborhoods or access.

We are committed to ADA compliance. Read our accessibility statement